We are energy consultants.  We work with renewable energy contractors and factories to build projects that have far better economics than any one company might offer.

Our mission: Save the maximum amount of money for commercial & non-profit building owners


The EEUSA Team has decades of experience, with thousands of completed renewable energy projects. These include municipal, industrial, office, multi-family housing, farms, apartment buildings, single-family houses, full communities, restaurants, welding shops, and many others. 


We develop our own projects, which are then subcontracted for installation, plus act as consultants & developers for solar companies, electricians and others who want to sell and/or install solar projects.  We can educate and support a sales team utilizing our particular set of equipment, model and present projects, through signing and completion.


Our specialized modeling tools allow combination of technologies– energy efficiency equipment and renewable energy– modeling the entire project for fastest payback of the capital expenditure and optimal Return on Investment.  Whether the client uses one of our loan or lease options or buy the system straight-out, the economics will be compelling, nearly anywhere in USA. 

Energy Experts USA

Reducing Utility Bills with Maximum Return on Investment

Utility Bill Solutions

for Commercial Buildings


•     American made power conditioners make your electrical system more effiencient and big inductive loads use less power.

•     Updating your lighting from old tech to LEDs reduces both usage and peak demand, plus Operations & Maintenance costs.  Commercial LED lighting has advanced tremendously.  We can select the kelvin rating of the lights for the optimal feel in any space, from cool to warm white, to daylight, and other options.

•     Electric Vehicle Charging with one of the nation's top experts.

Four Financing Options:


Capital Lease:  Building owner/customer owns the systems, takes tax incentives.  Typical terms are 10 or 15 years; we can customize. A non-profit can also use a Capital Lease, without the tax incentives.


Operating Lease:  For for-profit businesses that don't want to, or cannot, use the tax incentives.  Same terms, but payments are lower because Q Voltage takes the tax incentives.


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): Pay for production each month instead of fixed payments. Q Voltage owns the project and takes tax incentives. Typically a 20 or 25 year term. 


Prepaid Power Purchase Agreement (PPPA):  For large projects.  Our investors will take the tax incentives, reducing the cost of the system for you.  You make one lump sum payment.

Federal Grants and State or Local financing options are also available, depending on location and business type.