Our Primary Job: Development & Sales Support for Your Sales Reps


We will help you sell more solar.


We know your job, have sold thousands of projects, trained dozens of Sales Reps. We’ve run companies.  We know what you are facing, both on the sales side and operations side.


We want to develop projects for you, and assist your sales reps. We’ll be present by phone, with online meetings, and in person.  We know how to talk about solar and other techs, what the customer needs to hear to build confidence. 


We are the Support Team for your sales reps. We won’t likely be stumped by any topic.


But first we’ll do all the utility bill analysis, read the utility’s tariff book, the numbers, put them into a custom Project Quotation Tool. Other project quotation tools only address usage (kWh) savings from solar photovoltaic systems.  Ours can model peak demand savings, for LED lighting, power conditioners and other efficiency steps, addressing savings in both kWh and kW charges. 


We can put simplified, key info into a slide show presentation, do an online session with you and your customer, and/or attend the presentation in person. 


We read electricity tariff books, without falling asleep.


We seek out rate category changes, which are more possible when combining technologies.


It’s More Than Solar

The objective is maximum reduction in utility bills for a reasonable cost.  Solar alone only gets you only so far.  On most projects, as indicated by the billing analysis, we include Energy Efficiency Equipment (EEE). Power conditioners make an electrical system run more efficiently, reducing both usage and peak demand charges. Energy controllers, when not using power conditioners, make individual inductive loads more efficient.  LED lighting is extremely effective plus reduces ongoing Operations & Maintenance costs.


This equipment improves payback, and keeps financed projects more cash flow positive.  In certain situations the combination can achieve what solar alone cannot- allow a change in utility rate categories.  This can dramatically reduce peak demand charges and overall savings.  For example, some utilities shift customers from standard commercial rates per kWh to peak demand rates when their peak electrical load reaches, say, 25 kW.  When the EEE reduces peak load below that threshold, after a given set of months consistently below 25 kW the utility will move you back to commercial, non-demand rates.


We work at comparatively low cost, reducing your overhead.


Our rates for development and/or sales work involve a monthly fee for training and support, small flat fee plus percentage of the project price.  We understand project costs and make our rates reasonable, to be sure every project is compelling for your client.  Frankly we add a lot of value.  Your margin remains as you require.  For projects that need an extensive amount of work, particularly with multiple locations, we will keep the same low pricing for our services.


We can include financing.


We will bring financing options with the proposals customers always want to see such options.  If you have separate information we can plug the data into our quotation tool, or yours if you have one, ready for presentation to your customer. 


The standard work flow is:


1.     Rough Model for First Meeting: Project address only allows us to do a rough model, including sample EEE, which is presentable to the customer.  Allow us a few days, but we can work faster.

2.     Refined Proposal: Obtain the last 12 months of electricity bills, not just a summary or report, are required to fully develop.

3.     Final Proposal:  If during the second meeting, showing the resultant analysis and near-final proposal, is intriguing to the customer you’ll need to do a site analysis to finalize your installation costs.

4.     Including Energy Efficiency: To complete the final proposal we’ll need your solar installed price per watt, the customers’ operational hours and electrical system voltage. 

5.     Including LED Lighting:  If the customer is open to LED lighting we can either go with your numbers, or send our LED partner to count lights and give us the info.

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