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Where do you work?

With our network of reliable installation partners we can do commercial project work throughout the country, in Germany and most of northern Europe.

I've looked into solar before, and it never penciled.

We know, but the cost of equipment has dropped dramatically, more than 75%, so we expect it'll pencil for you now.  If you are on either coast or Hawaii, where electricity is crazy expensive, solar alone achieves a stunning payback and Return on Investment- as little as two years, for a system that lasts 50-60 years.  

Even when building owners are on peak demand rates, meaning the cost of kilowatt hours is low, our specific energy efficiency equipment will make a huge difference and help achieve such paybacks.  

Most projects we develop come in under five years to payback of original investment.

Financed projects are typically cash flow positive from the start- the incentives and savings are more than the loan payments.  The incentives are mostly up front, taken in Year 1, so you have a large gain right away.

In certain utilities' rate categories, where the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) is very low, solar alone may not pencil.  Peak demand charges can eat up more than half your bill, and solar cannot reliably reduce kilowatts (kW) peak loads.  Our other technologies specifically do reduce both peak and usage.  Some utilities even allow a voluntary rate category change, where they charge a lot per kWh but relatively little for kW peak.  If we can cover 100% of usage with the combined systems the rate category change yields spectacular savings.

Can we finance the project?

Absolutely, with loan terms running from 5 to 20 years.  Some of our financing only requires the solar equipment as collateral.  Instead of paying a fixed payment each month, we can also offer a Power Purchase Agreement, where you pay each month for the production at a rate lower than your utility charges. 

Typically the tax incentives and savings are more than the payments for the entire term of the financing.  Our investor partners can use the tax incentives, reducing your financing costs significantly.

What kind of buildings make good candidates for savings?

Any meter that you pay for is an opportunity to save.  Apartment building common area meters, tenant meters where you pay for the power (eg triple net leases), rental homes where you own the roof (approvals for shared roofs can be problematic), senior & assisted living housing, standard industrial and commercial buildings…  a solar project on each of these and others qualifies for a 30% federal investment tax credit (Section 48) and also 6 year MACRS depreciation (section 179, and in some years it’s accelerated by 50% in year 1).  

Any orientation can be practical now.  Before the huge reductions in cost of equipment we used to only be able to make solar pencil with southeast to southwest facing roofs, which get the full day's sunlight.  Now we can make solar pay anywhere from 80º to 270º azimuth, in Colorado where we are based, at 40º north latitude.  This of course varies the farther north we go, and the steeper the roof pitch.  In Bogotá Colombia, 4º north of the equator, we were designing systems that laid flat on the roof or ground, tilting them up slightly for rain runoff.

I have a flat roof and don't want to risk leaks, or my warranty.

We have advanced ballasted flat roof systems that require no penetrations.  We have been deploying these for five years and they have a sterling track record.  If we do need to penetrate your roof, due to wind load, structural or other considerations, we will endeavor to use the company that holds the warranty on your roofer for those penetrations.

Solar companies seem to come and go. Why should we trust you?

First we are consultants…..

The industry has gone through a maturation process over the past decade.  The turmoil, and crazily changing incentive programs, left the industry in a semi-professional state at best.  Some companies were great at installation but couldn't sell. Some sold great but couldn't handle Operations.  As with any industry it's a matter of Applied Darwinism.  Our Team has worked at various solar companies and continues to adapt… and we serve old customers even if the company who installed their system is gone.  

Energy Experts USA is a pure development Team. Our expertise is both in selecting excellent partners and, again, in combining technologies.  Frankly, it takes a LOT to learn how to combine technologies and build modeling tools that include peak demand reductions along with renewable energy production.  After being involved in over 2,000 projects in the past two decades and forming lasting partnerships with key players, we know we can deliver.  

Try us; we will prove ourselves to you from the first contact.  And, frankly, you have nothing to lose… except look at your utility bills, probably in the $1,000s every month.  You can lose that.

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